Staging / Scenic:

Have a theme? We can bring it to life. In addition to design and fabrication of custom sets and signage, we offer a number of affordable rental sets. We also provide custom lecterns, screen surrounds, stage carpet and drape

01_staging_001.jpg 01_staging_002.jpg 01_staging_003.jpg 01_staging_004.jpg 01_staging_005.jpg
01_staging_006.jpg 01_staging_007.jpg 01_staging_008.jpg 01_staging_009.jpg 01_staging_010.jpg
01_staging_011.jpg 01_staging_012.jpg 01_staging_013.jpg 01_staging_014.jpg 01_staging_015.jpg
01_staging_016.jpg 01_staging_017.jpg 01_staging_018.jpg 01_staging_019.jpg 01_staging_020.jpg
01_staging_021.jpg 01_staging_022.jpg 01_staging_023.jpg 01_staging_024.jpg 01_staging_025.jpg
01_staging_026.jpg 01_staging_027.jpg 01_staging_028.jpg 01_staging_029.jpg 01_staging_030.jpg

Lighting / Sound Systems:

We take great pride in our lighting design and production. In addition to a huge inventory of conventional instruments, we offer Mac 2K Profiles, Vari-Lites, High End DL.2 digital instruments and High End Axon Media Servers, 100K lumen Showguns, Hog III consoles, and a variety of LED instruments including Color-blasts, one-meter Megabars, and Altman Spectra-pars We have a tremendous inventory of the latest in audio technology including digital Yamaha consoles, Shure wireless microphones, EAW and DAS line array speaker systems, Meyer, Crown, JBL, Clearcom, and Midas
02_LS_001.jpg 02_LS_002.jpg 02_LS_003.jpg 02_LS_004.jpg 02_LS_005.jpg
02_LS_006.jpg 02_LS_007.jpg 02_LS_008.jpg 02_LS_009.jpg 02_LS_010.jpg
02_LS_011.jpg 02_LS_012.jpg 02_LS_013.jpg 02_LS_014.jpg 02_LS_015.jpg
02_LS_016.jpg 02_LS_017.jpg 02_LS_018.jpg 02_LS_019.jpg 02_LS_020.jpg

We are a leader in providing state of the art switching systems including Folsom’s newest Encore, projection including Christie LX120 projectors and 12HD projectors, Grass Valley iDDR Turbos, Sony cameras, Plasma Monitors, and screens of all sizes. SDI specializes in the production of wide screen events - including screens in excess of 100 feet in width.

03_projection_001.jpg 03_projection_002.jpg 03_projection_003.jpg 03_projection_004.jpg 03_projection_005.jpg
03_projection_006.jpg 03_projection_007.jpg 03_projection_008.jpg 03_projection_011.jpg
03_projection_012.jpg 03_projection_013.jpg 03_projection_014.jpg 03_projection_015.jpg 03_projection_016.jpg
03_projection_017.jpg 03_projection_018.jpg